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Screenshot Calendar Control  (VFP)

This calendar control is a full VFP-only replacement for the standard MS Calendar Control. It does not use the ActiveX control in any way. This makes distribution much simpler. It also makes customization a much easier prospect. If you don't like the way it works, it's pretty easy to change. All source code is included. This control requires VFP 9.

Screenshot CodeRush Plug-in - Collapse XML Comments  (.NET)

This is a (Refactoring) plug-in to CodeRush from DevExpress that collapses XML comments in your code down to one line. It includes both the DLL and the source code.

Screenshot CodeRush Plug-in - Developer Initials  (.NET)

This is a plug-in to CodeRush from DevExpress that let's you easily insert the current date and a developer's name or initials as a comment into your source code. It includes both the DLL and the source code.

Screenshot CodeRush Plug-in - Translator  (.NET)

This is a plug-in to CodeRush from DevExpress that translates C# code to VB.NET (or vice-versa) on the fly. Just move the cursor around your code and the translator will show you the results. It includes both the DLL and the source code.

Screenshot Syntax Highlighter Brush for VFP  (Javascript)

A VFP syntax highlighter brush for Alex Gorbatchev's Syntax Highligher.

Screenshot Dilbert A Day  (VFP)

A simple applet that interfaces to the Dilbert-A-Day webservice and downloads a new Dilbert cartoon and drops it on your desktop. Add it to your startup! THIS APPLET REQUIRES VFP 8.

Screenshot Grid Sort  (VFP)

A drop-on control to enable you to double-click on a grid column and have it sorted in either ascending or decending order. This control requires VFP 8.

Screenshot KA/Report Control  (VFP)

The report control is a class based on a subset of the KA/MM Report Control classes. It simplifies interfacing with Crystal Reports 8.5 by providing a class & preview form that handle the details of using CR. Just create a denormalized VFP cursor and let this class handle the rest. This version works under VFP 6 and VFP 7 and includes all source-code and a large helpfile.

Screenshot SystemTray Icon ActiveX Control  (ActiveX)

This is a easy to use ActiveX control that lets you add icons into the System Tray, and to display balloon tooltips from it. It exposes several events that allow the user to interact with this icon (and notify your application of these events). It includes a helpfile describing its usage. If you are using WebConnect, there is also a class that demonstrates minimizing the server status form into the tool tray.

Screenshot Launch any type of file from AUTORUN.INF  (C++)

EXE that you can use on a CD to run via an AUTORUN.INI file. Normally, you can't launch anything besides an EXE. This program lets you run HTML files, CHM's, Word Docs, etc. There is a readme file included, along with original C++ code.

Screenshot What's my IP Address?  (VFP)

This article originally appeared in the August 2001 issue of FoxTalk magazine. It describes a method of retrieving the IP addresses assigned to the current system.

Screenshot Taking Advantage of ADSI  (VFP)

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2001 issue of CoDe magazine. It covers Active Directory Service Interfaces from VFP.

Screenshot jQuery for VFP Developers  (VFP/Web/jQuery)

Session originally given at Southwest Fox 2010 conference. Includes whitepaper, slides, and example code.


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